Program for parents with young children


This is a proprietary designed comprehensive estate planning program to help parents with young children like yourself. The following questions will help you clarify and crystalize your estate plan:


A. Have you Protected the Interest + well being of your MINOR CHILDREN?

1. Who will be their guardian?

2. How much is needed for their education, living & medical expenses?

3. In the event of unfortunate double tragedies (when both parents perish at the same time)  – how do you plan?



4. Your business creditors?

5. Your bank loans?

6. Overdrafts?

7. Outstanding Credit Card Balance?

8. Personal/unsecured loans?

9. Personal guarantees?


C. Risk of Future BANKRUPTCY?

10.  Now are your assets protected?

11. How about your existing life insurance policies? (do you know it may be taken away as well ? )


D. Other issues:

12. Who will represent you legally?

13. Who will execute your wishes / instructions?

14. Who do you want to benefit from your accumulated wealth?

15. Who will hold your assets on behalf until your children are ready to inherit?

16. Who will keep your Will? How to make sure the your Will can be found the moment you depart this physical world?

17. Are your life insurance policies under trust or non-trust section?

18.  Who have you appoint as the trustee of your life insurance policy moneys? (Note: life insurer will pay policy claim to your appointed trustee only under FSA2023)

19.  What happens when there is no surviving trustee at time of death claims? Eg. double tragedies (when both parents perish at the same time)?


21. Your unit trust Investment accounts will be frozen. How do you plan?

22. Your unit trust investment account will be claimed by creditors ( both personal & business ) first. Only the balance will be distributed to beneficiaries. How do you plan?

23. Most of your bank accounts + safe deposit box will be frozen. How do you plan?


24. Your personal OD facilities withdrawn & outstanding become payable?

25. Your outstanding loans & credit card balances become payable! How do you plan?

26. Personal guarantees you signed = your Personal Assets are immediately exposed to your estate creditors’ claims. How do you plan?


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