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Turning the Tide on the Challenges in Wealth Succession

For entrepreneurs, creating wealth is just the beginning. Preserving it across generations is the real challenge. At Estate Planning Malaysia, we understand that smart financial decisions today pave the way for a lasting legacy tomorrow.

The Realities You Can’t Ignore:

1. Generational Wealth Struggles

The saying holds true – the first generation builds it, the second holds it, and the third often tends to spend it.

2. Fragmented Share Ownership

Passing down your Sdn Bhd business can lead to fragmented share ownership, risking internal conflicts.

3. Creditor and Bankruptcy Threats

The looming threats of business creditors and bankruptcy claims can shake the foundation of your family’s wealth.

4. Conflicts Over Wealth Distribution

Inheritance disputes, especially involving children-in-law, can stir conflicts over wealth distribution.

5. Government Intervention

The recent Capital Gains Tax (CGT) law changes signal the government’s intent to claim a share of your hard-earned wealth.

Licensed Financial Advisers with over 22 years experiences in financial & estate planning industry.

We excel in helping business owners and professional firm owners like yourself on:

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Business & Wealth Kingdom Safeguarding

Prevent your wealth from being spent recklessly.

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Bankruptcy Shielding

Protect your wealth from personal bankruptcy risk & professional liabilities risk faced by yourself & your descendants.

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Tax Liabilities Minimization

Stay ahead of Capital Gains Tax law changes & probable inheritance tax, minimizing tax liabilities proactively.

Lee Khee Chuan

Chartered Financial Consultant, ChFC, USA
Chartered Life Underwriter, CLU, USA
CFP Professional
Fellow, Life Management Institute, FLMI, USA
B.A. (National University of Singapore)
Securities Commission-Licensed Financial Planner
Bank Negara-Licensed Financial Adviser Representative
CFP Course Lecturer
Smart Investor Magazine Columnist
Free Malaysia Today (FMT) Columnist
Principal of EstatePlanningMalaysiaAcademy.com
FPAM CPE Trainer
HRDCorp Certified Trainer

Welcome to Integrated Estate Planning Excellence with Lee Khee Chuan

Greetings! I’m Lee Khee Chuan, Malaysia’s first licensed financial adviser championing the INTEGRATED approach to estate planning, business, and wealth succession.


About Me: As a pioneering  advocate in integrated approach to estate planning, I  cater to owners of professional firms—engineers, architects, and medical specialists facing unique risks. I also assist business owners and high-income managers in shaping robust financial strategies.


Industry Leadership: With a rich legacy, I’ve been a consistent contributor to esteemed publications such as The Star, FMT, Smart Investor, and Personal Money since 2006. This underscores my commitment to sharing insights on financial and estate planning with a broader audience.


Integrated Approach: I advocate an approach that surpasses convention by seamlessly combining estate planning, business strategy, and wealth succession. This empowers my clients to confidently navigate the complexities of their financial landscape.


Your Trusted Partner: My mission is to instill confidence and trust in business owners’ hearts. Understanding the intricacies of your challenges, I tailor solutions to align with your unique estate planning needs. As your trusted estate and wealth succession specialist, I bring unparalleled expertise and a commitment to your financial success.


Explore Excellence: Embark on a journey of financial excellence where innovation meets tradition. Let’s shape a future where your wealth is strategically cultivated for generations to come.

You have come to the right place ..

.. especially for those who couldn't find satisfactory services from other estate planners or will-writers in Malaysia. Experience expert-level estate planning with my personalized consultations. With over 20 years of research, practice and lecturing in the industry, we provide unmatched expertise, steering clear of one-size-fits-all solutions. Your exclusive estate plan is crafted at Estate Planning Malaysia – where your unique needs are met with expert-level knowledge.

Estate Planning

for Professional Firms Owner/Shareholder

Estate Planning

for Business Owner

Estate Planning

for person with Complicated Family Situation

Estate Planning

for Person with Charitable Intention

Estate Planning

for Person with Special Need Child

Estate Planning for Parents with Young Children
Estate Planning for Parents with Adult Children
Estate Planning for Childless Couple
Estate Planning for Muslim &  Muslim Convert
Estate Planning for Person with Foreign Spouse
Estate Planning for Expatriate with Malaysian    Assets
Estate Planning for Parents with Spendthrift Child(ren) &  other Beneficiaries
Estate Planning for Business Owner with     High Financial / Bankruptcy Risks
Estate Planning for Person who Wants his/her Wealth to Pass through More Than 3 Generations
Estate Planning for Person Worrying about Managing his/her own Financial Affairs in the event of Dementia/Mental Incapacity

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Remember, proactive planning today can turn your wealth into a lasting legacy for generations to come. At Estate Planning Malaysia, we specialize in guiding business owners and high net worth individuals through the intricate world of business and wealth succession planning. Don't let ignorance jeopardize your financial future – contact us now for a consultation and take the first step toward securing your legacy.