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Learning From Sifu Lee..

"Learning directly from an industry expert is the fastest way to achieve mastery"

Embark on a Rewarding Career as an Estate Planner with Estate Planning Malaysia


I am looking to train up students currently pursuing Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Registered Financial Planner (RFP) course as well as graduates of CFP/RFP who would like to practice estate planning at professional and comprehensive manner.


I have specially designed training programs for  those CFPs/RFPs who are looking for the missing ingredient – practice management.

Most CFP/RFP graduates and students have book knowledge on life insurance and estate planning but lack the practical knowledge on how to APPLY the knowledge and actually plan the estate for their clients.


My strength have been in practice management and I integrate various areas of will planning, trust set up; life insurance nomination & absolute assignment; protection against estate creditors and bankruptcy; business continuation and planning to eliminate financial exposure for clients.


As a leading authority in the industry, with unparalleled training management system provided by, Sifu Lee offers you an excellent opportunity to provide comprehensive training, mentorship, and a platform for personal and professional development. Our commitment to excellence is not just a value but a shared mission among our dedicated team.


Private message me to find out more if you like to upgrade your life insurance or unit trust selling career to a professional practice in estate/financial planning to provide more value to your clients.

I am looking for mature & ambitious  candidates in all the major towns in Malaysia who have passion for estate planning, who are thirsty for practical estate planning knowledge and have good learning attitude.


Candidates with background in life insurance, unit trust, will-writing, law, accounting, tax, company secretary, CMSRL, FAR, are preferred.