Program for parents with adult children.

This is a proprietary designed comprehensive estate planning program to help parents with adult children like yourself. The following questions will help you clarify and crystalise your estate plan:

  1. Are all your children in Malaysia or some of them are overseas?
  2. Those children who are overseas, are they coming back to Malaysia or they are already PR/citizens in other country?
  1. What if all your children are overseas and not coming back?
  1. Are your children in good relationship among themselves? What if they are not?
  1. What if you have a child who is spendthrift and you are worry that he/she will squander your wealth you bequeath to him or her?  Will he or she disrupt the harmony among all your children? Any potential interference by their ‘other-half’?
  1. Do you have a worry that your son-in-law(s) or daughter-in-law(s) are eyeing your accumulated wealth?
  1. Do you have a worry that the relationships among your family members will be strained after your demise (due to squabble over your estate)?
  1. Would paying excessive Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) be a concern to you?
  1. How do you want to provide for your grandchildren? (Education/angpow for marriage/business start-up fund, etc.)
  1. How do you ensure that you are fair to all your beneficiaries?
  1. Do you think your bequeathed properties to your children in joint names is advantageous to them?
  1. Is it a worry that your adult children will dispose of your properties once they inherit your wealth?
  1. Is it your worry that no one will speak for you (& protect your interest) in your company’s Board of Directors (BOD) when you are no longer in this physical world?
  1. Do you have a situation that you are not sure who to give your company (Sdn Bhd) shareholdings to?
  1. Are you facing the situation that no child is interested or capable to take over your business?

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